Golpolex 2019

Golpolex 2019

27-30 August, 2019

17th International Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry, Fisheries and Related Industries of Golestan
Golestan International Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry, Fisheries and Related Industries (Golpolex 2019) with the motto of "Visiting Iranian Integrations" will be held in 6000 sqm area and participation of more than 100 companies from government and private sectors. 

The theme of Golpolex 2019 is to introduce the recent achievements on livestock and poultry industries, creating proper infrastructure for newly founded companies, assessing how to increase the power of the livestock and poultry industries, create the investment opportunities in this area, to recognize commercial rivals, introducing related startups, presenting latest scientific and industrial achievements, and pave the way for participants to make contracts.

In Golpolex 2019, participants from 8 groups including livestock and poultry feed, veterinary drugs, equipment, fisheries, ornamental fish, pets, related industries and services along with 100 subgroups will present their products and programs.

Golpolex 2018 was held in 5000 sqm with participation of 60 private and government companies from 6 provinces such as Golestan, Mazandaran, Tehran, Isfahan, Alborz and Qazvin of which, 30% were newcomers. 

More than 8000 experts visited this exhibition.

Golpolex 2019 will be held simultaneously with the "6th Exhibition of Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Agricultural Inputs" and the "3rd Exhibition of Greenhouse, Gardening Tools, Machinery and Related Industries" in Golestan International Exhibition Center.

There are 965 aviculture unit in Golestan province with the production capacity of more than 27 million poultries which is second in Iran. 

More than 18000 billion Rials has been invested in Golestan poultry industry and its production value is about 26000 billion Rials, accounting for 35% of the value of agricultural production of this province. Some of the export destinations of Golestan poultry industry are Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, China, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

In 2019, 7 Asian nations including Iraq, UAE, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon and Vietnam were destinations for exports of Golestan livestock and agricultural productions.